stupid sexy Flanders. (jellycar) wrote,
stupid sexy Flanders.

star wars (cast) icons! (updated 10/01/17)

okay so you know the drill; I'll also be adding more to this post <3

daisy ridleybb8john boyega

oscar isaaclupitac3por2d2chewiecarrie fisheradam driverharrison fordtumblr_nz9lq2pxhb1rfco8go1_50013211930262732293133zztumblr_nfrbbmoJjK1s3y9slo2_500bb2tumblr_ntr4xd1y7Z1qzucdqo3_500nb2324nhcmdb2lxethc2lxethb16252032813211916555453tumblr_nwi0ciPEys1s27326o1_540tumblr_nzov4eA5Ud1qdx3fao7_4002252242218tumblr_nzkbsnvozC1qa3emao1_2501754tumblr_nxwylxG9501ul9ajgo8_r1_2509bbtumblr_nykyruExy91ul9ajgo2_r1_500tumblr_nyneahffAR1uaz3rto1_250b161214b1015147cooltumblr_nrezx27PgR1rertyro1_50087tumblr_nzrzmv8KUj1qeeqito6_r1_250LLEWYNtumblr_nzadpu54e31rertyro1_540bhaha-cuteconfused-explain2345

if you have any requests please feel free to comment!
Tags: adam driver, bb-8, billie lourd, c3po, carrie fisher, chewbacca, daisy ridley, finn, han solo, harrison ford, john boyega, kylo ren, leia organa, lupita nyong'o, oscar isaac, r2-d2, rey, star wars, star wars icons

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